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  • 2/11/2011
    The campaign started with the party in Nibenay, where Giovvo Shom and the majority of the senior agents of the house have just been slain in a brutal assassination. Several capable retainers of the house are sent to collect Larkyn Shom, youngest of Giovvo’s children, and bring him to the relative safety of Fort Inix where Temvya Shom has transferred core Nibenay operations with the goal of sorting out the chaos.

About Nibenay

Ancient beyond measure, Nibenay is a wealthy, powerful city-state immersed in decadence and intrigue. Most Nibenese regard themselves as the only civi lized people remaining in a world of barbarism and desolation; the events that take place outside the city walls are little more than the squabbles of savages. Even the architecture of Nibenay reflects these preju dices. Splendid statues and carvings cover the walls, public buildings, and private homes throughout the city, depicting great heroes and honored ancestors from ages long forgotten by the rest of Athas. Some are works of surpassing beauty, some glorify ancient triumphs, and others depict shocking hedonism.

Nibenay is ruled by the sorcerer-king who gave the city-state his name. He is an enigmatic, retiring figure, rarely seen by anyone but his templars. Deep within the royal compound at the city’s heart—the forbidden dominion called the Naggaramakam— Nibenay immerses himself in arcane studies and mysterious pursuits, leaving governance to the bureaucracy of his templars. He is so reclusive that rumors of his death circulate every few years, giving rise to unrest and feuding among the nobles until he appears and puts to rest any stories of his demise.

Places of Interest

Note: This lists spots mentioned during the group’s travels, but the wiki page will be empty if the location wasn’t formally described or visited during the group’s travels.
The Naggaramakam
Exalted Path Monastery
House Shom Estate
Academy of Fierce Purpose
Elven Market


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