House Shom

House Shom is the lead trade consortium in Nibenay. Ancient and decedent, Shom’s rulers have strayed from their house’s modest beginnings. Infamous for acts of depravity that rival those of the sorcerer‐kings, Shom stands on the edge of destruction as its house grows old and slowly deteriorates into obscurity.

Shom’s origins stretch back thousands of years and its beginnings are lost to antiquity. Historians are certain that Shom started as a small house lacking in assets and ambition. It wasn’t until a youthful merchant known as Kys took control after the mysterious deaths of his grandfather and mother that Shom began to accumulate in power.

Through centuries of employing unusual allies ranging from packs of thri‐kreen to tribes of belgoi, Shom continued to increase its profits, earning them the enmity of other merchant houses.

Shom chooses to ignore other trade houses, feeling that they are insignificant and not worthy of their notice. This does not sit well with the other houses, who are waiting like lirr for the trade empire’s highly anticipated collapse.

House Shom

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