Exalted Path Monastery

Exalted path monastery

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  • 2/11/2011
    Larkyn Shom is a renowned instructor of The Way here. After the death of Giovvo Shom, Temvya Shom sent several retainers to collect Larkyn and bring him to Fort Inix.

About the Exalted Path Monastery

The Reservoir District stretches from the city-state’s eastern wall to the western wall. Most of the sprawl consists of tenement housing for free merchants, poor common artisans, and laborers, but it also boasts a few notable landmarks, such as the Exalted Path Monastery.

The monastic tradition of Nibenay has seen a resurgence in the last few cen turies. The monks teach austerity, physical readiness, psionic enlightenment, and the quiet acceptance of authority. The Exalted Path is the largest of the city- state’s monasteries, led by a frail old abbot named Thong Nal. Recently, a number ofyounger monks have rebelled against the centuries-old neutrality of the Exalted Path, and they have begun to speak out forcefully against the excesses of the nobility—and the Shadow King’s court.

Exalted Path Monastery

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