Thrad Redav

Mul Warlord - Former Gladiator Slave of House Shom

Level: 1
Male, Mul, Age 24, 6’1" 210 lbs.
AC: 18
Fort: 16
Ref: 13
Will: 11

HP: 25

Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Intimidate
Feats: Scale Armor Training


Thrad Redav was born a slave and trained from a young age to lead other gladiators in the arena. Purchased by agents of house Shom at the age of 14 years, Thrad quickly proved his worth in the fighting pits. His skill with a sword was only out matched by his ability to lead other gladiators in large scale battles against the great beasts captured to fight in the arena.

As reward for his victories, House Shom provided Thrad with better food, clothing, weapons, and accommodations than any other slave. Counting his blessings, which were numerous compared to the other slaves, Thrad returned the kind treatment with loyalty and appreciation. This resulted in the other slaves resenting, and some hating, the Mul, calling him derogatory names such as “house boy”. Just after his 23rd birthday, Thrad nearly died when a fellow gladiator attempted to murder him in his sleep. Not wanting to loose such a valuable asset, Temvya Shom freed Thrad from slavery and enlisted his services as a house guard.

Thrad Redav

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