Larkyn Shom


Level 1 Human Psion/Telepath (Controller)

AC: 14
Fort: 12
Ref: 15
Will: 16

HP: 24

Skills: Arcana, Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, Perception
Feats: Versatile Expertise (staff), Ritual Caster, Human Ingenuity


Youngest son of Giovvo Shom, Larkyn Shom is a talented telepath and an instructor at the Exalted Path Monastery. Although skilled in the ways of bartering and trade, he has shown little interest in the politics of House Shom. Larkyn prefers the simple life of the monastery to the decadent lives of the merchant caste. Still, he is loyal to his family, especially his older brother Jabea, and will do what is necessary to protect them from harm.

Larkyn’s childhood friend is Uzmati. He appreciates the half giant’s quest to discover something more profound than trade contracts.

Larkyn Shom

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